The Union of Countries Vying for the Rugby World Cup

Rugby Union has a strong following the world over.  International tournaments take place in the Northern as well as the Southern Hemispheres.  With most other sports, it’s a matter of either one or the other.  This makes Rugby Union the ideal sport for sports betting; a large number of followers, regular games – some even mid-week, and massive World Cups.

It’s All In The Scrum

In Rugby Union, the stronger team will inevitably be the team with a better scrumming strategy.  It’s very crucial to do strong and proper research concerning this, as well as line-out situations.  Continuously failing to gain advantage during a line-out will result in less possession of the ball.

Rugby Union’s big games are all televised:  Six Nations, Rugby Championship, the Heineken Cup, the Currie Cup, Super 15, and many more.

The Rules That Dictate The Bet

There are certain conditions to look out for when formulating a bet.  Weather conditions are at the top of the list.  This especially affects the total points and total tries bets.  For instance, it is a lot easier to catch a dry ball than what it is to catch a wet ball.  The field that Rugby Union is played on is also more difficult to play on under wet conditions.  A stirred up playing pitch makes it difficult for players to follow through with planned moves and game strategies and making interesting online rugby betting.

This is also where a home game is usually a better bet than an away game.  The home team will be better suited to play the specific weather conditions than the away team.

Strong winds also make for difficult play.  It can be a highly daunting task to accurately place the ball during a conversion, with strong winds blowing much like the issues you see in AFL Premiership betting.

Weather conditions have a large influence on live betting too.  A half-time bet becomes a thing of uncertainty, as the weather can change at any point during the game.

International Call-Ups: Taking Nothing For Granted

Be sure not to take any composition of a team for granted.  Players are often called up to play international events and matches, resulting in B-grade players having to fill their shoes during regular matches.  Know which players are going to play in the particular event that you are betting on.  Players are the building blocks of teams, and a team is only as strong as its weakest player.

The many variables make Rugby Union an exciting game for sports betting purposes.  What seems like a dire situation at the onset, can easily be turned around into a winning situation.  Rugby Union is an all-time favourite with bookmakers and bettors alike, and never disappoints as far as providing a hype goes.

The Issue Of Substitutes

Replacing a player is another factor to consider.  Rugby Union makes provision for four substitute players whilst allowing a maximum number of 10 interchanges.  Weak substitute players – even weak combinations of substitute and start-out players, can make a world’s worth of difference to the outcome of a match.