The Copa America Centenario Was a Centennial Tournament

The Copa America, or America Cup, is an international men’s football tournament between national teams from South American countries, and is the oldest international continental football competition. The competition decides the football champion of South America.  The Copa America was started in 1916, and is held between the usual four-year cycle. Since the 1990s, teams from North America and Asia have also taken part.

The Copa America Centenario, or the Centennial Cup America, was an international football tournament that was a special edition of the Copa America, held to celebrate a century of the existence of the South American Federation. This was held in the United States, as the result of a special agreement between the two football federations, the federation of South America and the North and Central American and Caribbean federation. This was the 45th tournament since its inception, and the first Copa America to be held outside South America. The Copa America Centenario comprised of an expanded field of sixteen teams, an increase from the standard twelve. Ten of the teams came from the South American Federation and six from the North and Central and Caribbean federation.

The United States Was Voted the Host

The holding of this centennial tournament was announced in February 2012 by the then acting President of the South American Federation, in conjunction with the North and Central Federation. FIFA added this tournament to its international calendar of the year. This meant that any player called up to play in the competition had to be released by their club. Both the United States and Mexico and NZ betting  applied to host the tournament, but the United States was in the end the preferred choice.

The Copa America Centenario generated an enormous amount of interest, and each game was attended by thousands. Thirty-two matches were played in ten different US cities throughout June 2016, and over ninety goals were scored. The Copa America Centenario Final was played on 26 June in New Jersey, United States, in front of over eighty-two thousand fans. The Final was between old foes, Chile and Argentina, and went into extra time. The match had to be decided on penalties. Chile ended up the winner of the Final, by four goals to two. Third and fourth place was contended by the USA and Colombia, with Colombia the eventual winner by one goal to nil. The official song of the Copa America Centenario tournament was Superstar, and was played immediately after the match and the ceremony of handing out the trophy.

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