Steal Some Riches from the Goblins Cave

Goblin’s Cave is a video slots game that has been designed, developed, and released by Playtech Gaming. It offers players three reels and three pay lines to play on, as well as bonus games and random cash prize payouts.

The Goblin’s Cave Theme

Goblin’s Cave, as its name might suggest, focuses on the theme of goblins. These have been illustrated as being evil and stinky creatures in most of popular culture, but Goblin’s Cave presents a harmless-looking one, depicted sweet and casually with reading glasses, a snuggly pullover, and slippers.

The goblin character in Goblin’s Cove manually spins the reels to feature a realm of special symbols, including treasures, golden goblin coins, ruby jewels, rings, teapots, crowns, and a lamp icon. The lowest paying symbol is the coin symbol, and landing three matching coin symbols will pay out a one-time multiplier. Three standard ring symbols will pay out a two-time multiplier, while three matching green rings will pay out a five-time multiplier, purple rings a ten-time multiplier, and red rings and fifteen-time multiplier. Ruby jewels will pay out a five-time multiplier.

The game is colourful and illustrated in very bright colours, and the symbols take shape in cartoon-style, matching the friendly and inviting nature of the goblin himself.

The Goblin’s Cave Bonus Game

The Goblin’s Cave video slots game features a bonus game that allows players to indulge in additional winning chances at online casino singapore. The bonus game is triggered when players succeed in landing three lamp symbols on one row. If players manage to land three lamp symbols on more than one row, as in, three on the first row and three on the second row, then they will be able to play multiple bonus games.

As soon as the Goblin’s Cave bonus game is triggered, players will be able to engage in a pick ‘em style game by clicking on one of the treasure chests that will be presented to them. This treasure chest will contain a random cash prize payout, which will then be rewarded to the player.

Goblin’s Cave Spins and Re-Spins

While the Goblin’s Cave online casino game does not offer its players many special features or bonus games, it does give them the unique opportunity to enjoy two spins for every bet. This means that players will get two spins per round, one regular spin, and one re-spin.

The first spin will be as per usual, and the reels will spin and land on various symbols. For the second spin, the re-spin, players will be able to hold down certain symbols, which will then remain sticky on the reels for the second spin. The reels will then spin again, with the held-down symbols locked in place. This allows players a greater chance to hit winning combinations. For example, if players have two matching symbols on an active pay line but the third symbol is completely out, the players can choose to hold down the two matching symbols and spin the only non-matching row again. This gives them a greater chance of landing three matching symbols than they would have if all three rows would spin again.