Online Greyhound Racing Guide for New Zealanders

Greyhound racing in New Zealand is a regulated sport that draws thousands of wagers each year. There are hundreds of dogs and trainers who take part in official races all year round on a number of tracks. To place a wager on one of these races of dogs, one can make use of either the online sites of actually going to the track on a race day and placing a bet with a bookie. Either way, having a sound knowledge of not only the betting terms but the dogs and how the sport works is essential.

Betting Terminology

There are a number of bets that one can place not only on separate dogs but also on different races. Greyhound betting is a bit like thoroughbred betting, in that there are a number of animals in a race and you need to predict the winner or winners.

The Daily Double is a bet on the first and second race of the day, here you must successfully pick the winner of each before the bell goes and the race begins.

A Quiniela is a bet on two greyhounds to finish first and second, in either order, in any single race. This bet has quite high payouts as it is a low odds bet to get right much like seen in offers.

Perfecta or Exacta is similar to the Quiniela, with the difference that the two greyhounds must finish in the exact order. This bet pays out even higher than a Quiniela as it is even harder to get right.

The most common bet is a Win. This is a straight bet on which dog will win the race. The favourite dog will have the highest odds and the lowest payout. If you place this bet and get it right, you will not get paid out as much as if you had backed an outsider to win and been correct.

Know Your Bookie

When choosing your bookie with which you want to place a bet on a race, make sure that you choose the best one for you. Different bookies offer different odds and different promotions. There are a number of sites which offer punters from New Zealand the chance to place a bet on a dog race.

To find a site you simply need to use your search engine on either your computer or mobile device. Searching for Greyhound Racing Guide New Zealand will turn up a lot of results. Not every country has greyhound racing or will accept punters from New Zealand, so it is best to place a wager on a race from your own country.

How To Bet

Placing a bet on a race online will first involve you joining a site. To do this you will need to create an account with the site. The site may ask you for a number of identification documents such as proof of address or bank account details. Ensure that the site which you are signing up with is secure and well known before you divulge any sensitive information. Once you have joined the site you can place one of the above wagers or a number of others via the site. A good online betting site will give you statistics on each dog and each race, which you can read through before you make your wager.