Online Golf Betting Explained – Learn the How, Where and Why

Any sport with a decent number of major annual events is like oil to fire in the world of sports betting.  Golf is no exception.  Golf is played all over the world, with the two major favourite tournaments amount punters and bookmakers being the Race to Dubai (previously the European Tour) and the US PGA Tour.  Punters from New Zealand and all over the globe focus their attention on these two tournaments.

The Race to Dubai runs for almost the entire year, and is played in various locations across the globe, including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, India and China.  The final event in the tournament is hosted by Dubai.

In addition to the major tournaments, there are also four World Championship events.  These are the Accenture Match Play event in February, the Cadillac Championship in the month of March, the Bridgestone Invitational, held in August, and the HSBC Championships Event held annually during the month of November and in China.  The World Championship events are all televised, making those events the all-time favourites as far as golf bets are concerned.

Golf Bets Bet Types

Golf bets bet types include the winner markets, the top 5 finish markets, the top 10 finish markets, the victory margin bet and the first round leader market.  Creative bet types during World Championship events include bets such as top nationality bets, top continent bets, etc.

Markets are divided into three balls and two balls markets.  Both markets can be bet on.

Knowledge Is Power

Getting to know the various courses is a good starting point when first starting out at golf bets.  Studying historical events and results is the best way of going about this.  Most courses also host their own websites.

Research regarding player statistics goes a long way in order to determine which players are well-suited to which courses and general conditions.  Key focus areas include driving accuracy, driving distance and putting averages.

Time Is On Your Side

Golf bets are popular in the sports betting NZ market due to the amount of time that it takes to complete play during a tournament. A tournament typically consists of a total of 72 holes, providing ample time to adjust bets and positions on bets.

A Matter Of Difficulty

When familiarising yourself with a course, it is imperative to do some research regarding the difficulty of each hole on the course.  Hole averages are officially known as stroke indexes.  A stroke index of 18 will be the most difficult hole to play and a stroke index of 1, the simplest.

Placing a sizeable bet on a player about to play a low stroke index hole usually turns out to be a lucrative bet.  Adversely, the opposite is generally quite risky, but would indeed yield a much higher payout.

It must also be mentioned that players who are mentally stronger usually fair better during Golf World Championships.  Missing a shot can often be put down to pure nerves.  When all is said and done there is no better way to learn the trends and tricks than to regularly and closely follow the game.