Not As Fancy as England, Aussie’s Own Ascot Races!

Ascot Raceway in Perth, Australia is known as the Grand Old Lady of racetracks. It was one of the first horse race tracks to be built and still stands today on the same spot, just outside the Perth Central Business district. It holds a number of important races each year, including the Perth Cup and the Winterbottom Stakes.

Betting At Ascot

Being one of Australia’s main racecourses, and the main one for short races under 2400 meters, there are many betting options available for races at Ascot. Most media, both online and otherwise, covers the main races. Placing a bet can be either be done online with tote betting online, at a local Tab, or by actually going to the track.

The track is made of modern turf, with a total length of 2000m. Races are held which range in length from 1000 meters up to 2400 meters. The track is known for its long 300 meter straight which has a slight incline. Ascot has been known to create some of the best stayers in the business.

Placing an online bet is very easy, and can be done from your own home. Many punters these days prefer to go this route, as it frees up the day as well as being able to be done from almost anywhere. Mobile devices now connect not only to websites that offer betting on horse races but dedicated apps as well.

Perth Cup

One of the most well known races which is held as Ascot is the Perth Cup. This is usually held on New Year’s Day, or the nearest Saturday. The Perth Cup attracts some of the best horses from Australia and New Zealand, offering some of the best betting on the racing calendar.

Going to the actual track is still a very popular way to both watch and place a bet on the races. This is most popular on big race days such as the Kingston Classic or the Perth Cup. There are a number of bookies that are onsite at the track and offer betting on horses. Their odds may be a bit different from online betting sites, and it is a good plan to have a look at a number of them in order to get the best odds for you.

The main race is the seventh of the day, run over 2200 meters. 2200 meters is short race in relative terms, but one of the longest, which is run at Ascot. Betting is available on all of the eight races, but is more popular on the main race. Horse betting on the day often influences the favourite for the race, so be sure to know all of the horses well including their pedigrees, previous results and jockeys.

Ascot is a wonderful racecourse and its been the scene of some legendry wins, and losses over the years.

The favourite horse at a bookie is usually the favourite due to public opinion, or bookies opinion. When placing your bet it is wise to remember this and not just back the favourite without doing some research first.