Hand to Hand Combat Scratch Card Game Review

Unlike the regular online slot games, Hand to Hand Combat does not make use of the standard rules whereby you have to match symbols in a pay-line. Instead, Hand to Hand Combat is a scratch card game that works similarly to the age old rock, paper, scissors game. You will, as the player, have to compete against the computer to reveal prizes.

The name of the game is a play on the term hand-to-hand combat, which denotes a physical confrontation between two or more people at close range without the use of guns or other weapons that can be used from a distance. In real life hand-to-hand combat does not necessarily refer to fighting without any weapons, but instead can include weapons that can be used from short range, such as a baton or a knife.

It seems, however, that the developers of Hand to Hand Combat, Microgaming, have taken a more figurative approach to the term and the game involves you ‘fighting’ your enemy, the computer or casino, for the prize. You won’t need anything other than your bare hands and maybe some luck, to win in this online slots game.

The Hand to Hand Combat Interface and Theme

The interface the player is on a panel to the right of the screen. There are five Windows displayed here. The left hand side of the screen shows your opponents interface. The pay table is also on the left side of the screen, showing how much you will be paid out after the game.

Furthermore, there is a hidden payout percentage, which means that if the player beats the casino, the percentage is multiplied by the rate. The theme of the game is Chinese-style with the scratch cards decorated accordingly. There is audio but the player at the top Canadian online casino is able to mute it if they wish so.

How to Play Hand to Hand Combat

Hand to Hand Combat is an instant win scratch card game. In casinos the scratch card games usually have a high win rate which makes this game desirable to an array of players. It is also easy to play, requiring little skill.  Hand to Hand Combat players will not be matching symbols to win; they will instead play a round of rock, paper and scissors.

Like the traditional rock, paper, scissors game, in Hand to Hand Combat rock beats scissors; scissors beat paper and paper in turn beats rock. The player will have to first place a bet and then will be able to play five rounds of this game against the casino. This means that the player has five chances to win in each game. The bets can be anywhere from half a credit up to ten credits and with the maximum bet, the player can win up to 100 coins.

There are different coins that players may click on, or they may manually scratch off the gold seal of the coin, to reveal their hands. This will also reveal the casinos hand to determine which of the two combatants win the prize. The player can also reveal the reward they will win for the next hand before they play that round. There are a number of winning hand gestures making it possible for players to walk away with big rewards. Hand to Hand Combat does not provide any bonus features.