Football Betting Markets Explained

Football is a firm favourite among many punters all over the world. What makes of the game such a popular betting commodity is mainly the sheer scope of coverage and resulting availability of real-time information.

The very first step as you embark on a successful football betting adventure is gaining a thorough understanding of the different types of betting markets available to the football enthusiast. Herewith then, a breakdown of football’s most popular betting markets.

Betting On The Match Result

Betting on the result of a match means betting on three possible outcomes: a win, a loss, and a draw – with the most popular of these by far betting on the likelihood of a specific team winning the match.

When betting on a win, be careful not to allow emotions and bias to get in the way of success. Having a favourite team doesn’t have any bearing on the actual end-result. Instead, make picks backed by actual facts, conditions on the day, historical data, etc.

Betting On Over/Under 2.5 Goals

The over/under bet can be a whole lot of fun – and makes for a bit of “mixing it up”. This requires of the person placing the bet to predict whether a match will have “over” 2.5 goals (at least 3 goals), or “under” 2.5 goals (zero goals, one goal, or two goals all constitute a winning result).

Teams playing anywhere other than in the sport’s top leagues will very seldom score more 3 or more goals. Those types of results are typically only ever seen when high-scoring teams are featured in a match or tournament – for example, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man U, etc.

Predicting The Correct Score

Needless to say, this is probably the most precarious football betting market of them all. The reason for this is simple: accurately predicting a score is difficult.

Because of this, only very few people in the history of betting on football have actually won big by betting on the correct score. Correct scores may seem attractive because of high bookie margins – but along with the potential of a massive reward always comes a risk that is greater than the norm.

Half-Time / Full-Time Bets

Betting on half-time/full time means betting in on a potential win/loss/draw at the half-time mark, and then again a repeat of the same options at full-time.

Important to note that a team leading the score at half-time won’t necessarily lead the score (emerge the winner) once the final whistle has blown. This type of bet is treated as two separate halves to a whole.

Double Chance Bets

Double chance bets allow you to bet on more than one option out of a possible three – winning, losing, and drawing.

What this means is that with the help of the double chance bet, you can back two possibilities at once. An example of how this would work would be to place your bet in favour of the home team either winning or drawing. The double chance bet is literally double the value for your betting buck.